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K219 Tradition

The Fount of Good Sound

We have to thank Bartolomeo Christofori who invented the hammer technique in 1700 which heralded the birth of the pianoforte. Ever since, piano makers have been searching for the perfect hammer-head for a consummate sound.

At Schimmel, the characteristics of the hammer-head felts which have an influence on the composition of the tone are examined meticulously. The density and weight of the felt, its tension and simultaneous flexibility, the type of wool utilised and how this wool is processed, the correct way of cutting the felt and the way in which it is moulded; these aspects are all vital to ensure that our hammerheads transfer the energy of the player's touch to the resonating strings in an optimum manner. The felt manufacture is undertaken according to a traditional process which is more time-consuming than modern industrial felt manufacture, but is the sole method to ensure delivery of premium-quality felt for our instruments.


  • L (inch) | L x H x W (cm): 7' 2" | 219 x 102 x 154
  • Weight (lbs | kg): 910 | 414
  • Finish (Colour): Ebony High Gloss | White High Gloss | Mahagony High Gloss

K195 Tradition

Brilliant Finish

For many people, thirteen is a mystical number. This number certainly provides Schimmel instruments with a magic gloss. This is because we utilise a traditional piano varnish which is applied in thirteen work phases with around one and a half kilogram per square metre and is primarily further processed by hand to produce high gloss. This is how we produce the unique gloss and the special depth effect which are so characteristic for our instruments.


  • L (inch) | L x H x W (cm): 6' 4" | 195 x 102 x 154
  • Weight (lbs | kg): 827 | 376
  • Finish (Colour): Ebony High Gloss | White High Gloss | Mahagony High Gloss

K175 Tradition

In a World of Wonderful Tonal Colours

What sounds like a pedantic obsession with detail is the basis of rich tonal worlds for the piano experts at Schimmel: all 88 hammer-heads of each upright and grand piano are pricked with voicing needles several ten thousand times by hand in a painstaking process to form the versatile tonal colouring of our instruments. The voicer utilises his finely tuned manual dexterity to give the felt its elasticity and thereby provide each instrument with an optimum tone quality. This requires rigorously highly-trained ear and great sensitivity for the finest tonal nuances. This is how the Schimmel craftsmen breathe life into the soul of our instruments.


  • L (inch) | L x H x W (cm): 5' 8" | 175 x 102 x 154
  • Weight (lbs | kg): 777 | 353
  • Finish (Colour): Ebony High Gloss | White High Gloss | Mahagony High Gloss

K132 Tradition

Perfection Meets Aesthetics

We interpret tradition with a contemporary slant as illustrated by the K 132 Tradition which is inimitable in its combination of the traditions of German artisan piano manufacture, innovative construction and contemporary design. This is perfection and aesthetics which will continue to enchant future generations.


  • H (inch) | H x W x D (cm): 52" | 132 x 149 x 62
  • Weight (lbs | kg): 580 | 263
  • Finish (Colour): Ebony High Gloss | Mahagony High Gloss

K125 Tradition

Selection for a First-Class Tone

Patience is the mother of quality. Sometimes, 300 years of patience are necessary. This is the age of some of our mountain spruce wood which is utilised for the manufacture of the soundboards.

This wood is cultivated in high mountainous areas under most difficult conditions. Only a minimal percentage of the wood produced, exclusively resonance wood, can be considered for the manufacture of our soundboards. The very best quality is a vital factor as the soundboards are the heart of our instruments: their vibration properties and stability are of decisive importance for the beautiful tone of our upright and grand pianos. Only our stringent selection process can guarantee the tonal richness, extremely long speaking length of the notes and excellent durability of Schimmel instruments.


  • H (inch) | H x W x D (cm): 49" | 125 x 149 x 62
  • Weight (lbs | kg): 553 | 251
  • Finish (Colour): Ebony High Gloss | Mahagony High Gloss

K122 Elegance

Modern, Noble and Timeless

The creativity with which the specialist journalists of musical periodicals describe our grand and upright pianos in the instrument tests in France is a pleasure in its own right. The periodical Le Monde de la Musique* describes the piano K 122 Elegance as follows:

'The excellent action with its well-adjusted and not over-heavy after touch point immediately generates a seldom experienced degree of confidence. The most favourable aspect is however undoubtedly the very fine structure of the tonal balance which comes into its own through the outstanding controllable dynamic level and which transforms the piano into an equally refined and precise but also roundtoned and singing instrument. It is rare for so many qualities to be concentrated in one piano...'


  • H (inch) | H x W x D (cm): 48" | 122 x 149 x 62
  • Weight (lbs | kg): 525 | 238
  • Finish (Colour): Ebony High Gloss | White High Gloss


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