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More than 150 years of hand-crafting pianos

100% Hand-crafted Instruments

We continue to persevere with the hand-crafted traditions of our company in creating our instruments; Our instruments are completely hand-made which is rare compared to other piano manufacturers worldwide.

Every AUGUST FÖRSTER instrument is a work of art. Only the highest quality materials are used. The legs, music stands and lyras for the pedals are custom carved from wood. The posts for the grand pianos are reinforced and different parts are connected with wood dowels. The bass strings are wound by hand and the iron frame is prepared by hand.

Harmony in Tone

Yet, far more important than the outward appearance of any piano is its tone and playability. A warm, mellow sound is characteristic of our instruments. The perfect volume of the sound is the result of more than 150 years of experience, continuous innovation and development.

Other outstanding characteristics of our instruments include the carefully crafted soundboards, strong cast iron frames that guarantee utmost stability, and special back posts for perfect stability of the instruments' tuning.

The player will appreciate the outstanding intonation of our instruments, whether performing on stage or playing in the comfort of his/her home.

Our Inheritance

Building a piano is an artform - one that requires knowledge and experience. At AUGUST FÖRSTER, that is our inheritance.

In making instruments of such high quality, we employ an enthusiastic and dedicated workforce. However, the most important driving force behind our employees is their strong ties to the heritage and tradition of the AUGUST FÖRSTER family.

The AUGUST FÖRSTER family is 40 strong and continues to employ the hand-crafted traditions of our company in making approximately 110 grand pianos and 150 upright pianos every year. Even though this lived tradition is our biggest challenge in the face of mass-manufacturing, it nevertheless continues to be our strongest source of pride.

To find out more, click here to visit AUGUST FÖRSTER's website.

We, at Chiu Piano, are fiercely passionate about the continuity of this rich tradition and are proud to be able to represent AUGUST FÖRSTER in Asia and bring you a selection of these works of art. Come discover our full range of AUGUST FÖRSTER pianos by clicking on the link below.

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